Fishing Reports

Fishing with the Guides  by George Langley.   Week of  6/18 to 6/25.

Water, water everywhere. We have been afflicted, again, by a bunch of rainy weather. As a result the water temps have yet again taken a drop due to the rain and the cool front that came with it. This pattern is getting old, as we have had about six of these fronts this spring. None of them have been good for the fishing. If you drive around you will see water where you have never seen it before, and the lakes and rivers are all very high. What a year so far!
Water temps are in the high 60's and low 70's. As we said, the lake levels are very high – that drought of a few years ago is long gone. Weed growth is good, but the high lake levels can make it seem that the weeds have not come as far up as normal. Most landings are easy to use and in good shape. Trout streams are tough to fish because of the high water levels.  Be sure to take repellent along on your walks and on your fishing trips, as the mosquitoes and the lake flies are bad this year. On days without wind, the flies can be a bother.
Walleye fishing is good now – or at least it was good before the cool front hit. People were getting some nice fish on the Chain with both minnows and leeches. We are finding fish both in the weeds in shallower water, and in deeper water on the mud edges. Best action near the mud has been on jumbo leeches, and best in the weeds on minnows. On the larger lakes, the fish are assuming their summer positions near the break lines in 12 – 15' of water and feeding on minnows. In the evenings, they are moving right into the weeds for feeding.
Bass fishing is also good, with the smallies out in deeper water on the rocks. Crayfish imitations work best in this pattern. Just drag these jigs over the rocks and “pop” them for really effective presentations. Leeches work very well for live bait, and a few anglers report getting some on half crawlers. Largemouth are in their summer patterns in cover of all types. Piers, boathouses, downed trees and weeds are all working well for cover for them. Plastics and Wacky Worms are working good, along with surface baits. Try some spinner baits also as a good search bait. Leeches work well, as crawlers will attract too many bluegills.
Northerns are hitting well, as usual. They hit larger minnows such as suckers or chubs. Artificial baits are working in the weeds, as long as they are flashy. They'll hit surface baits also. Just look for weeds for these fish.
Musky fishing has been somewhat slow in starting this year, as the spring was late and we have had so many cold fronts. They have been hitting surface baits and smaller bucktails over the weeds in the last week or so. The larger fish are always a little slower in starting to hit, but a few nice fish have been caught.
Panfish action is good, with bluegills on the shorelines and the crappies still in the weeds or shoreline structure. Minnows or small plastics are working well for the crappies, and worms for the bluegills. Perch are deeper in the weeds. Worms or smaller leeches are working well.
Work around the rain and enjoy some good fishing.
Good luck and good fishin’!
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