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Fishing with the Guides  by George Langley.   Week of  4/16 to 4/23.

We are still on that Spring roller coaster of weather, having experienced beautiful almost summer weather and significant snow in the last week. With the warmth and the rain and wind, the ice is gone on all lakes. Pretty early for that, but certainly welcomed by most of us. We never got to do a lot of that late season crappie fishing we like so much because it happened so quickly.
Right now the grass is quickly getting green and the bushes and trees are budding out. The only fishing we have locally at this time is perch, and they are in on many lakes. It is a great time to check your equipment out with a trip for these fish. Some boat landings have received some damage from the ice, so you might want to check that out.
The perch at this time of year are spawning, and in very close to the shore. Because of that you'll want to use very light tackle on these guys. Use ultralight rods with 4# line and smaller hooks. Also, use very small bobbers in this shallow water. They'll be in water as shallow as 2 feet, and they'll be looking for the warmest water they can find. Look in the back of bays, in downed trees and brush piles for the best areas. Worms, waxies and small minnows work best.
These fish will be in for about two weeks throughout the area, and then we'll find the crappies coming in – providing we have no severe cold fronts and snow. The crappie fishing can be as good as the perch are, when they come in to spawn. They'll come in to many of the same areas the perch do, but like to also use bullrush areas for spawning. They hang around in cover longer than the perch do, so they'll be mixed in with the walleye spawn.
We sure do have a lot to look forward to at this point. Not to be “preachy”, but consider putting some of those big spawn-laden females you catch back - consider it insurance for the future!
Good luck and good fishin'!

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