Fishing Reports

Fishing with the Guides  by George Langley.   Week of  9/10 to 9/17.

The weather roller coaster ride continues as we are treated to some above average warm temperatures this week. Last week we started to think we were in for an early start to a cold fall, but this week summer has reappeared.
Walleye fishing has been pretty good in deeper water on many of the area lakes. On the Eagle River Chain the fish are definitely in the holes in the daytime. On the Chain, try some half crawlers on the lightest jigs that the wind will allow in 15 – 18' of water around the edges of the holes. These fish will move shallower in the evenings and you can have some action on jigs & minnows in 5 – 8' at the weed edges. On the bigger lakes,, look for the fish in 12 - `15' of water just off the weeds These fish are also moving shallower in the evenings to feed. Jigs and minnows work well on these lakes at all times. Some anglers have reported success trolling crankbaits as well.
Bass fishing has been very inconsistent for both species. Largemouth have been caught in shallow weeds, rocks, under docks, and in deep water. There seems to be no reliable pattern to the way these fish are behaving. Smallmouth have mostly been caught in deeper water on crankbaits, crawlers and minnows. Some are also being caught in the weeds, but again, there is no consistent pattern day to day.
Northerns are still feeding daily in the weeds, although guys are finding a few nice fish in deeper water also. As we've said before, it seems most northerns are caught by anglers targeting other species with minnows or spinner baits. In general, the deeper the weeds the bigger the fish. Use #4 or #5 Mepps, Johnson Silver Minnows and Daredevils for best results.
Musky fishing has been sporadic, but if you hit and active period or day you will have great action. This has really been the case all season. There are short feeding windows every day, and it has been hard to impossible to predict where and when the action will be. Musky have been caught in shallow weeds, along drop-offs, and in deep water. Bucktails and surface lures are still working for the muskies cruising the weeds. Also, look for schools of baitfish suspended in deep water to find actively feeding muskies. Bulldawgs, Medussas, and other large rubber lures have been working at times for these deeper fish.
Panfish action is still good, with bluegills a little deeper in the weeds now. Worms will always work for these fish. Crappie action has been better in deeper water, with 15 to 18' the best depth to find these fish schooling up. Minnows work best, but small tube jigs or Mini Mites work well. Perch fishing is good, with the perch generally deeper in the weeds. They'll hit worms or minnows equally.
Hopefully you can get out and enjoy some of this beautiful September weather this week, and catch some fish as a bonus!
Good luck and good fishin'!


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