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FISHING WITH THE GUIDES  with George Langley.  

Week of  6/16 to 6/23 2024

Weve again seen a couple of colder days and nights this last week, and rain. We were wishing for it earlier this Spring, but weve had plenty now, thank you very much! When the cold fronts hit, the fish that are near the shorelines tend to move deeper to wait for it to warm up again. It looks like now weve got some more serious warm weather moving in however that rain just wont stop!

Walleye fishing has been decent and were seeing decent numbers being caught throughout the area. Weeds are what you need to find now, and those deep weed edges are definitely producing. Jigs and minnows are still the way to go, with many anglers using weedless jigs. Evenings have been a good time of the day to fish for these guys.

Northern action has been good. These fish are also in weeds with the walleye. If you are targeting them, use larger or pike chubs. Spoons and spinnerbaits are working well now, too.

Bass fishing is good, however we did see some slowdown with those cold nights we had last week. Look for the smallies on rocky shorelines (and in sand on the lakes with few shoreline rocks). Its pretty safe to say that bass are done spawning, although were sure there are lakes where its still going on. Wopper Ploppers and surface baits are a fun way to catch these fish, as when the hit a bait close to or at the surface of the water its always exciting. Leeches are working, also, if youd prefer live bait.

Musky action has remained decent. Were starting to see anglers throw bigger baits now and having success both on the Chain and on the larger lakes in the area, too. You can find these fish feeding in the weeds on a daily basis, and some fish in deeper water resting. Try a Bulldawg or a Medussa in that deeper water for them. Panfish action is good between the cold fronts, with both crappies and bluegills spending their days in the warm shallows for the most part but moving out with the cold nights. While the crappies are done with their spawn in general, we are still getting some reports of them being caught with eggs in them and the bluegills should get going any day now. Minnows for the crappies and worms for the 'gills will work. Perch are in the weeds acting like small walleyes and will hit both leeches and minnows well, along with worms.

June is coming to a close pretty quick here, and before we know it the 4th of July will have come and gone. Dont let the summer pass without getting out there and enjoying the warmth and sunshine!

Good luck and good fishin'!

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