Fishing Reports

Fishing with the Guides  by George Langley.   Week of  7/11 to 8/18.

Well, that weather roller coaster hit us again early last week and made it miserable for a few days before leaving. Now we are back to summer-beautiful and any rain we get is welcome. There are a lot of people in the area right now and the water traffic on the Chain is heavy. We have always recommended trying to fish in the early morning and later evening on these heavily traveled summer lakes. All in all now, with the mayfly hatch over, things are returning to normal on the fishing front. Water temps are in the 70's and pretty stable. Nice cool nights are keeping it from getting into the 80's. Levels are OK and weed growth is good. Great summer conditions!

Walleye fishing has improved with that hatch in the rear view mirror. The fish have returned to both the weeds and the deeper water. This will be a summer pattern for the rest of the summer. Minnows and leeches are working best for these fish. Using weedless jigs - like Jack Jigs - will improve that weed fishing. Slip bobbers also work very well in the weeds. For the deeper water holes, use 1/8 oz. Jigs with minnows for best results. On the deeper lakes fish the deep weed edges (10 to13') with any live bait. Lakes like North Twin have been producing some decent catches.

Bass fishing has been very good, with largemouth in the cover and more than willing to hit anything. If your lake has bullrushes, those largemouth will be in them. Plastics work very well in this case. In other cover like weeds or downed trees or piers, both the plastics and surface baits are producing well. You will be surprised by the occasional smallie under these piers also. Mostly the smallies have gone deeper, especially in the clear water lakes. Look for hard bottom rock areas for these fish. Leeches are the best live baits for them, but you can do well with crankbaits also.

Northerns are as usual in or near weeds and feeding with aggression daily. These fish are a great way to introduce a new angler to game fishing. Slip bobbers with sucker minnows will work well in the weeds. There are some lakes with deep grass weeds, like Anvil Lake, that will produce very well in deeper water. Mepps spinnerbaits work best for the fish as an artificial.

Musky action has been improving slowly this summer. Fish have become significantly more active as the water warmed, but then slowed down as those darned cold fronts hit. We hope for some consistent weather now and good fishing with surface baits and mid-sized bucktails. Start in the weeds and gradually move deeper for best action. The Three Lakes Chain has done well in the last week.

Panfish action is good, with crappies again hitting well on many lakes. Look for weed cover for these guys and fish with either crappie minnows or small plastics. Cubbie Jigs have worked well under slip bobbers. Some bluegills are still on the shoreline, and the rest are in weeds. These guys will chase worms all day. Perch are usually deeper in those weeds and hitting well.

What beautiful weather over the weekend. Be grateful you are not on the West Coast!

Good luck and good fishin’!

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