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FISHING WITH THE GUIDES  by George Langley.   Week of   8/7 to 8/14

FISHING WITH THE GUIDES by George Langley. WEEK OF 8/7 to 8/14 It has been an interesting year so far, with a lot of changing weather. These changes have definitely had an effect on the fishing right from ice out. To start with, the spawn for most fish was later than usual due to the cold weather this spring. Then after things seemed to settle down, we've had some cool weather interrupted by hot spells, including a late mayfly hatch. All of this has accumulated into a pattern of some anglers “getting it” and others not understanding the patterns and not doing well. This is tough if a person can only get out occasionally. After some rain, the water levels have improved somewhat. Water temps are in the 70's, but with some more hot weather they will reach summer highs in the low 80's.

The walleye patterns have changed on the Chain a lot. If you want some better daytime success, try in the 12' to 15' range. These fish are definitely moving deeper, which is normal for this time of the summer, but late. Good success has been had for anglers find the clumps of walleye in that range with jigs and minnows. Leeches will work also, but you have to remember to slow down a little with them. Eventually, they will end up in the holes on the Chain for the rest of the year and through the winter.

The panfish patterns remain diverse. There has been some good action on crappies in the weeds, especially in the morning and evenings on the Chain. We really have not had a lot of reports for these fish on other lakes but suspect if you start with the weeds anywhere you fish, you will do well. Bluegills are more scattered now, with some in the shallow weeds and some larger fish a little deeper. We have found that it pays to move for these guys to find the bigger ones. There are many good bluegill lakes in the area. The perch often act like walleye, especially the larger ones, so try for them with the walleye.

Bass fishing remains very good throughout the area. Largemouth are being found at times (surprisingly) in the shallows with cover. Plastics work best for these fish, with wacky worms working great. There are lakes with a lot of pressure on these shallow fish, so they will retreat to weeds. To me, the best “fun” way to catch these fish is with surface baits. Smallies are generally deeper, but not always at this time of year. The fish that remain shallow are the smaller ones. You can get some great action deeper on clear lakes especially with crawlers They will be in water at least as deep as 25' -30'.

Musky action has been pretty good, with a lot of anglers still fishing the weeds with surface baits, twitch and jerk baits and of course bucktails. The only change in these bucktails is that guys are using larger bucktails now. The anglers that fish deeper for the suspended fish are mostly using either crankbaits or large plastics for larger fish. On the larger lakes, you can fish for suspended fish in the same manner as the Chain. Weed edges are good on these lakes. Night fishing is in the very good range now, with large bucktails or surface baits best.

As you can see, there is a lot going on. Get out there and grab part of the action!

Good luck and good fishin’!

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