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Fishing with the Guides  by George Langley.   Week of  8/13 to 8/20.

As we head through August, we're getting into that late summer fishing that can at times be a grind. The lakes have never reached their normal summer temps this year, but they are still looking a little “worn” around the edges in many cases. You'll see a fair amount of scum back in the end of bays which makes it hard to fish those lily pad bays. If we are going to get outbreaks of “green water” area (or whole lakes) this is the time. Fortunately, this year has been pretty good due to the colder water. Levels remain high, and boat landings are all in pretty good shape.
There is still a lot of water usage, but this will slow down very soon, as the kids are back to school activities and many cottages are buttoned up already. As the water temps drop, we'll get that great fall fishing happening, but not for several weeks yet. We've had some bad warm front in mid-September in the last few years – let's hope that doesn't happen this year and screw up the fishing in the fall.
Walleye fishing has been a little inconsistent, but in general pretty good in the last week or so. It seems the fish are a little deeper on the Chain this summer, and that has certainly been the case during these cold fronts. Look in the holes for these fish, then on the mud flats with crawlers. Both leeches and half crawlers have been working well, and just drifting over 12 – 18' of water over the soft bottom areas has been working for anglers. We feel the heavy boating traffic has driven these fish deeper. You will also be able to find fish in the deeper lakes on the deep edge of the weed lines. Jigs and half crawlers or minnows are working for these fish in the 12 – 15' range. You can also find fish on these lakes deeper, but be sure to be fishing over hard the bottom.
Bass fishing has been good, but the fish were driven deeper by that last cold front. They had been surprisingly shallow, but went deeper as the water temps went down. When it warms again for a few days they should come up to the shallows again. The nights have been chilly, and this keeps the water temps down. Smallmouth have been hitting both plastics and crankbaits, and we have been finding them in both weeds and on rocks. Largemouth have been mixed with the smallies in weeds and on rocks. They went deeper due to the colder weather, but are returning to the weeds and the shallow rocks. Wacky worms and plastics work well, and surface baits in the shallow weeds work well.
Northerns are hitting in the weeds, as usual. They were not affected by the cold front, and hit well in the last week or so. Any flashy bait or surface lure will be effective for these fish. Try some larger minnows for these guys on slip bobbers over the weeds.
Musky action has been pretty good, with all bait types working well. These fish are both in the weeds at times and suspending over deeper water during the daytime. It is great fun to use surface baits both at night and over the weeds. It should be a great weekend for musky for the Alliance anglers, with good action on all lakes.
Panfish action has been good, with bluegills leading the way with great consistency. Worms or waxworms will work on all lakes for these guys. They are in the weeds or under piers. Crappies, on the other hand, went to deeper water and have been schooling in that deeper water. If you have good electronics, you can locate these schools and drop bait down to them. Try some Mini Mites or small tube jigs – pink & white are best. Perch are both in the deeper edge of the weeds and in deeper water acting like small walleyes.
Not too much summer left out there – get out and enjoy it while it’s still here.
Good luck and good fishin’!


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