Fishing Reports

Fishing with the Guides  by George Langley.   Week of   6/7 to 6/14.

Well, a spring of very much up and down weather continues as we have experienced both hot and cold weather recently. It has had a effect on the fishing, both from a comfort level and in the fish spawning behavior. Fortunately, most of that spawning is over for all species except bluegills and a few bass. We're glad to be getting into summer, and hopefully a slightly more consistent weather system both for our planning and for the water temps. They have been rockecting up and down all spring.

Water Levels are high and seem determined to stay that way for a while. Weed growth is good despite the water temperature changes. We're now seeing a fair amount of water skiers and “tubers” on the Chain, proving that the temps are liveable.

Walleye fishing is good right now in the intermediate depth level on the Chain. Anglers are catching fish in the 12 – 16' level, especially in the wood. As always, jigs and minnows are the best baits – use a 1/8 oz jig with large fatheads. Both some size and good numbers have been reported. You can also get some fish in the deeper weed cover.

On the larger deeper lakes, the fish have also moved somewhat to deeper water. Weed growth is good, and these weeds are holding fish in good numbers. Look for the weeds in 8 – 12' for best results. Night fishing for these fish has been quite effective with lighted bobbers over the minnows.

Bass fishing remains good, and smallies are still guarding the spawning beds. Leeches or minnows will catch these fish on the shorelines in 2' to 8' of water. Largemouth are for the most part done with their spawn, but still staying in shallow cover like bullrushes. Surface baits and almost all types of plastics have been very effective.

Northerns are feeding in weed areas on a daily basis, and will hit just about anything that moves. Johnson Silver Minnows are great in the weeds retrieved slowly. We have been surprised to see some number of these fish deeper also, mixed in with the walleye. Take some kids out with slip bobbers and sucker for a great introduction to bigger fish.

Musky fishing is picking up after the usual slow start, as some of the females have now recovered from spawning and are becoming more active. There has been some good activity from the males in the weeds, but anglers are now getting some bigger fish deeper. Bucktails have been the best baits to start with, but some anglers are getting action on the minnow type stick baits.

Panfish action is good, with crappie hitting in cover like downed trees and cribs, and also in the weeds. They are done with their spawn, which leaves only bluegills still on the shorelines spawning. They have been in and out with this inconsistent weather, but hopefully are getting done with this process. Perch are in the weeds, the deeper the better, and hitting minnows and smaller leeches.

It'll be a good week if it doesn't get too cold again.

Good luck and good fishin’!

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