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Fishing with the Guides  by George Langley.   Week of   4/18 to 4/25.

As we get ever nearer to opening day, the weather is hard to figure out. The up and down temperatures are certainly having an effect on the water temps, and the spawning activities of the fish in the area. We sure wish the weather would settle down! At this rate, we wouldn't be surprised if we had 80 degree weather followed by a snowstorm on opening weekend. Such is life in the North. It is nice to see some loons back and hear a bunch of birds that have been gone for the winter, plus the Peepers. And green grass, along with all the buds on bushes and trees.

It is hard to figure the spawning condition of walleyes, with some having finished - and on some lakes still some in the process. At this moment, we have hopes that the walleye on many lakes will have some back to weeds after recovering from the spawn. This can make for an excellent fishing opener in the area, with even some of the bigger fish – the females – providing action on that weekend. As always, jigs and minnows will be the favored bait to use. More on that next week, as we get ever nearer to that long awaited opener.

The perch spawn is over, with the exception of a few cold water lakes. As always, it happened very quickly as the ice left the lakes, especially on the Eagle River Chain. There were reports that the fish had spawned and left only 4 – 5 days after the ice-out on some lakes. You can still catch some perch feeding in rather shallow water, usually in the warmest water and in the weeds. Minnows are by far the best at this time of the year. Very light tackle works the best, with ultralight rods the most effective in this shallow water.

Crappie have been in and out with the weather. If it will stay warm (Ha!), some will move in pre-spawn to feed in the shallows, but get kicked out if the temps fall. This makes finding them extremely difficult until we get warm, consistent weather in May.

Until the opening weekend we can always fish the rivers where the season is open, or work on our tackle and boats or rake our yards and do other yard work. Or just loaf around until the first of May! Good luck and good fishin’!

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