Bucher Baby Depth Raider

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Bucher Baby Depth Raider More Details

6 inches long, weighs 1.25 ounces. Running depth: 6 - 12 feet casting, 20 feet or more trolling. 

How to fish the depth raider:

The DepthRaider® can be cast or trolled successfully for nearly every big game fish in both fresh and saltwater. In most casting situations with a conventional musky outfit loaded with 40 to 75 pound line, expect your DepthRaider® to travel anywhere from 6 to 12 feet depending upon the length of your cast and your retrieve speed. However, it is quite easy to attain depths much greater than this while trolling by simply varying the amount of line you let out (from rod tip to lure). If you want to troll the DepthRaider® shallower, let out less line. To attain greater depth, simply let out more line until you begin to hit bottom at your targeted depth. Depths of 20 feet or more are easily attainable using this system. The DepthRaider® has been specifically designed for fishing around heavy cover such as weeds, sunken timber and bottom bouncing. The built-in, tail-up buoyancy of this lure combined with its large triangular diving lip allows it to bump into almost any cover with minimal hangups. To maximize its effectiveness, always work the DepthRaider® with a high rod angle, whether casting or trolling. Whenever the lure collides with cover, immediately drop the rod tip (creating a momentary slack line). This allows the DepthRaider® to float up backwards from the snag. Most of the time, the diving lip is the first to contact the cover source. The sudden reverse rising motion backs the lure out of most snags. Resume your retrieve or troll with a sudden rip forward of the rod tip to free any remaining cover clinging to the lip or hooks. This cover freeing tactic also triggers a lot of strikes.

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