Bucher Baby Shallow Raider

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Bucher Baby Shallow Raider More Details

6 inches long, weighs 1.25 ounces

How To Fish the Bucher Baby Shallow Raider:
Any time big muskies, pike or any other big gamefish are cruising over top weed flats, the ShallowRaider® is a prime bait to fish. Rock reefs that top off in the 6 feet range or less are another prime spot for this lure. Rock walls and gravel/rock mix shorelines are yet another prime candidate for both casting and trolling ShallowRaiders. Both the straight model and the jointed version can be simply cast or trolled and worked with nothing more than a simple steady retrieve and be very deadly. Yet, they become even more effective at times when combined with a jerking/pausing motion. The jointed ShallowRaider® works exceptionally well by combining a simple straight retrieve with an abrupt pause any time it collides with cover. Follow this up with a subsequent quick, forward ripping motion of the bait immediately after the pause. This forward ripping motion (performed by a pulling upwards or sideways on the rod tip) frees any clinging debris on the lure, and often triggers a violent strike from a nearby fish hiding in that cover. All of the straight model ShallowRaiders® produce action with a straight retrieve or troll, but can also be worked in a jerkbait style fashion with great results when fish are hanging tight to cover. To keep the lure shallower over high weeds, work the straight model ShallowRaider® with short jerks and longer pauses. For more lateral, side-to-side action perform the jerk motion with some slack in your line, and allow slack during the pause. If you want the lure to travel deeper, lengthen the jerk distance and reduce the pause time. The maximum running depth of the ShallowRaider® will vary depending upon the diameter of line you use and the length of your cast or troll. Heavyweight lines and short casts are better for shallow waters. Thinner gauge lines and longer casts, or more line out on a troll, will make the ShallowRaider® run much deeper.

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