Bucher Top Raider

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7 inches long, weighs 2.5 ounces

How To Fish The Bucher Top Raider:
Always use thick diameter, heavyweight line for topwater fishing to reduce line drag, line sinkage, and improve overall buoyancy. A medium/heavy power musky action rod of at least 6-1/2 feet also promotes better hooksets. After your cast, begin retrieving immediately. Start your retrieve faster initially while simultaneously lifting upwards on your rod tip to lift as much line off the water as possible. Then, level off your rod tip angle as the lure nears the boat finishing up with the rod tip actually touching the water. If the target is muskies, always finish with a figure 8 maneuver at boatside to trigger any followers. When a fish does strike the TopRaider®, try to set the hook with a body rotation sideways while driving your rod tip downwards. This reduces missed strikes and results in a much higher percentage of solid hookups. Replacing The Tail Hook Shrink Tubing: Over time and a number of successful encounters with big toothy fish, eventually the tail hook shrink tubing will tear. To replace, simply cut the remaining tubing off, detach the treble hook and split ring. Then slide on (the treble hook shank) a new piece of #250 shrink tubing (available at most hardware stores) cut to size. Re-split ring the set up to the lure and slide the tubing over the hook eye, split ring and the lure's hook hanger. Finish by heating up the shrink tubing with a heat source.

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