Buchertail #500 Mini

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Buchertail #500 Mini More Details

5 inches long, weighs 1 ounce.

How To Fish The Buchertail #500 Mini:
The entire line of Buchertail® spinners were designed by hall of fame angler Joe Bucher to provide maximum performance as a fish catcher of muskies, pike and any other big gamefish that responds to a spinner style lure. Fish these lures on baitcasting gear with a long, medium/heavy power rod and low stretch, thicker diameter lines. After the cast, engage the reel and begin a fast retrieve as soon as the lure hits the water. Always retrieve a Buchertail® spinner extra fast initially to pick up excess line drag and start the spinner blade into a strong revolution. It's important to note that many of your strikes will occur within the first few cranks of the reel handle. Keeping a steady retrieve is usually most productive. Crank faster over high weeds - the faster you crank, the shallower it will run. Retrieve slower over deep cover. Finish every retrieve with a figure eight motion at boatside in order to trigger strikes from any following fish.

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